#1 Low Libido Treatment For Women in Indianapolis

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Indi Medical Group offers low libido treatment for women in Indianapolis -  which not only helps you regain that pulsating libido you once enjoyed…but also helps you begin enjoying the most intense orgasms of your life! Best of all, you can speak in total privacy to one of our doctor’s LIVE Medical Assistants (male or female, your choice) from the comfort of your own home. No embarrassing doctor’s office visit is needed – and your complete privacy is assured at all times.

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Speak to a licensed assistant from the comfort of your own home. No office visits needed.


Automatic Kegel Exerciser Therapy Treatment in Indianapolis

Our FDA-cleared, hand-held in-home medical device can help you increase vaginal tightness with just a few simple automatic kegel exerciser therapy treatments per week. You’ll enjoy improved intimacy, greater sensation, and stronger orgasms.

Bremelanotide – PT-141

The Hollywood “Sex Shot” is painlessly given in the fat of your stomach or thigh to help you realize a super-charged libido and intense orgasms. This is the “female Viagra®” popularized by famous Hollywood celebrities.


Tailor-Made Solutions Shipped Nationwide.

This treatment plan will help you get back the intense sex drive you used to enjoy…and help you once again enjoy powerful, explosive orgasms!

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Automatic In-Home Kegel Exerciser Therapy Treatment

Automatic Kegel Exerciser that is FDA-cleared and proven to tone and re-educate your pelvic floor muscles. Our hand-held home medical device does the Kegel workout for you in a way that is safe, effective, and discreet…all while you relax in the privacy and comfort of your home! You'll enjoy improved intimacy and better sex.

The Hollywood “Sex Shot” – Bremelanotide - PT-141

Bremelanotide is sometimes referred to as the female Viagra® because it is the only known medication that can be taken as needed to rapidly boost libido and sexual performance in women. Bremelanotide effects sexual function via its interaction with the hypothalamus in the brain…and its usage has been found to induce rapid onset of arousal!

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“Get ready…we’re about to have explosive sex!”

Bremelanotide is injected using a tiny syringe the thickness of your human hair into the pinched fat of the stomach and is virtually painless. Within a short period of time, this shot triggers a hormone in the body that increases sexual desire. Bremelanotide chemically kick-starts the sexual process at the hormonal level! It works by activating natural substances in the brain that control mood and thinking. Among women who attempted sexual intercourse within 24 hours after treatment, studies show that significantly were more satisfied with their level of sexual arousal following use.

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